A material test report (MTR) measures the specific chemical content and physical properties of a specific manufactured product. BS Company, a leading pipe, valve, fitting and flange distributor explains what MTRs are, what they tell you as a buyer of PVF products, and how to understand the information they present.

What is an MTR for Pipe, Valve, Fitting and Flange (PVFF) Products?

MTRs are the most critical quality assurance documents in the production of pipe, valve, fitting and flange products. When you buy any steel product, it is essential to know its chemical and physical properties. With this information, you can know what grade of steel you have and its best uses. The purpose of the MTR is to provide all of this information in a single document. It is a quality assurance certificate that lists all the components of the steels makeup and proves that it has been made in compliance with international and national standards, such as those of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). An MTR provides proof that a particular product has been manufactured to appropriate national/international standards for compliance.

An MTR contains the following information:

  • Name of the material manufacturer, where the material was produced, material size, weight (sometimes), material identification and grade: The material grade is usually in the form of a letter code or a combination of letters and numbers. It indicates the purposes for which the steel is best suited on the basis of its mechanical and chemical properties.
  • Material heat number: This is a reference for a piece of metal. It provides a traceable record of the batch from which the piece came. It is used as a tracking method by metal providers and component manufacturers. It ensures the quality and reliability of metals used in an array of manufacturing operations and applications.
  • Results of chemical analysis: The results list a complete breakdown of the proportions of various chemical elements that make up the steel.
  • Results of physical/mechanical tests: Mechanical testing demonstrates the strength, resilience and other qualities of the steel, which helps determine its grading and purpose.

Reasons to use a supplier who sells MTR assessed metal values and flanges 

The quality of pipe, valves, fittings and flanges is variable, depending on the manufacturer, the production process, and the chemical composition, among other factors. Therefore, it is essential to have some standard of quality assurance to refer to when purchasing PVFF products, to go to a supplier who only sells MTR-assessed products. A dealer who adheres to MTRs for the quality of their products places a high value on the safety standards and reliability of their wares. By being able to show an MTR for every valve or flange, a supplier also demonstrates that they are in full compliance with the various standards governing steel production in the United States, including ANSI and ASME. An MTR is your assurance that a PVFF product was made to safe and recognized standards of conformance. 

Why you should only use MTR assessed metal valves and flanges

Steel pipe, valves, fittings and flanges are used in structures and pipelines in which strength and quality are of the utmost importance. You often need products that can withstand high levels of pressure and heat, or that are capable of resisting wear and corrosion for many years of service. The only way to be assured of that quality before you purchase these components is through an MTR. The report will tell you whether the part you are looking at has passed the necessary strength and chemical tests showing that they are fit to form part of your pipelines and carry water, oil or chemicals under extreme conditions.

About BS Company

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We hold extensive stocks of high yield carbon steel fittings, in addition to a variety of other stainless steel pipes, valves, flanges and fittings of all grades and for a wide range of uses. Legal compliance, safety standards and reliability are of paramount importance for us, and customers can view material test reports for all of our products. For more information, contact us.