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BS Company offers 100,000 square feet of warehouse, and over 30 acres of outdoor storage.

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We’re grateful for the growth we’ve seen over the years and now operate 3 branches, and 1 manufacturing facility.

As of 2020, our inventory consists of:

  • 10,000+ tons of pipe ON THE GROUND! (500 semi truckloads)

  • 2,500+ tons of fittings & flanges ON THE GROUND! (75 semi truckloads)

  • 10,000+ each valves ON THE GROUND

See our three locations below.​

Nearly 30 years in business


Our office facility has 8,000 sq. ft. of storage.


“The Yard” is our main shipping warehouse. With over 70,000 sq. ft. of warehousing space and an 8 acre pipe yard, we’re prepared to ship your order the same day it’s placed!


The “Pipe Yard” boasts much more than its name. There are 30 acres of carbon steel pipe, HDPE pipe, and large O.D. carbon steel fittings and flanges on the ground at this location. A new 10,000 sq.ft. warehouse stocked with large O.D. valves was added in 2014. We have pipe sizes up to 108″, fittings & flanges up to 48″, valves up to 36″, and stainless steel fittings & flanges, studs & nuts, and more on this site. We have pipe coating removal equipment for pipes up to 48″ outer diameter.