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Welcome to B-S Company Inc.

B-S Company has been serving the water, oil, gas, and mining industries for a quarter century. We pride ourselves in being one of the largest new surplus  pipe, valve, and fitting distributors in the United States. Our commitment to quality, our product knowledge, responsive customer service, same day shipping, and quality control process, have distinguished us as a trusted, reliable, and preferred supplier in the water, oil & gas, and mining industries.

Our substantial inventory allows us to provide customers with high quality pipe, valves, fittings, and flanges at the most competitive pricing in the marketplace. whether you’re a supplier down the street, across the country, or international, B-S Company has the ability to provide the best material at the best pricing, period!  B-S Company is in business because we never compromise quality, we understand our customers needs, and we can add value to their bottom line.

It’s what we do, we do it well!

B-S Company offers a wide range
of solutions for our customers.

We take great pride in making sure you are completely satisfied with our products and our services.

Minimized Lead Times

Discounts 5-30% Below Industry Standard.

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Blind Flange Rentals USA

Blind Flange Rentals

Cut to Length Pipe

Positive Material Identification (PMI)

Stainless Steel Pipe

Pipe coating removal up to 48″ O.D.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Like New.  We only ship material in the condition we would expect from our distributors.

Yes. Due to the nature of our business, we do need to know upfront if MTR’s are required for your job.

We third party API certify our valves, at your will, so you have the piece of mind you’re receiving quality, tested material. All testing paperwork is provided with your order i.e. our valves will always come to you in original manufacturer condition and colors, with the same 1 year limited warranty.

We have a three tiered quality control process.

  1. Upon arrival – all material is quality checked and presorted. Non-conforming or questionable quality items are discarded.
  2. Materials then undergo sandblasting, painting, and inventory. During the inventory process, materials are once again scrutinized for conformance and quality, if material does not meet our standards it is discarded.
  3. Materials are transferred to our storage warehouse where they are again quality checked/inspected before hitting the shelf. Again, any material not meeting our quality standards is discarded.
Since 1991. We’ve been around this long because we provide experience, excellent service, quality material, at great prices, EVERY TIME!

If you have questions you’d like us to address please call us 801.250.3399.