If you manage a water, oil, gas, or mining operation, you’ve probably accrued surplus pipe, valves, fittings, & flanges from new builds, expansion projects, and/or obsolete inventories. Stale inventory typically presents unneeded financial costs, i.e. inventory taxes, employee hours to take and manage a proper inventory, proper storage space, and additional safety precautions. These costs may be justifiable if you can efficiently and adequately deploy these assets within your own company.  However, the majority of pipeline managers, utilities, and mining operations are not typically set up to manage/deploy excess inventories in an efficient manner, which may be why you’re reading this article. If you’re exploring options to sell your excess pipe, valve, fitting, & flange inventory, you may find these frequently asked questions relevant to your search.  Here’s how B-S Company may be able to help. B-S Company Inc. Office Fittings

Frequently Asked Questions sale of surplus: pipe, valves, fittings and flanges

Why should I sell my excess inventory instead of waiting to use it for another application or project?

My response to this question is always, “If you can use it, keep it!”.  However, there are some considerations to think of because everyone has a different idea of what that phrase means.  Here are a few cost/benefit questions to help you determine if keeping your excess pipe, valve, fitting, & flange inventory is right for you.

  • Is there a current project in need of my materials? 
  • Try to keep scope of approved projects within a one (1) year window.  If so, keep it!
  • Can I adequately manage, handle, and deploy materials with little associated time and cost?
  • If your company is not in the distribution business, it ‘s likely to be quite expensive to “save money” by holding on to excess inventory for future use. Sell it!
  • Consider inventory taxes, if it’s just sitting, it’s costing you.
  • Unforseen costs are often difficult to manage.

How do I sell my surplus pipe, valve, fitting, and flange inventory? 

It’s easy! Send us a list & pictures of the items you want to sell. We will evaluate the condition and traceability of your materials and let you know quickly if we are interested or not.  Depending on the type of material we may request a site visit in order to visually assess the materials and what will be required for the safe removal of them. We will then make you an offer. Upon acceptance of our offer, we will make payment prior to removal & coordinate a start date.

Do I need to ship my surplus pipe, valves, fittings, and flanges before I receive a payment?

Absolutely not. We will make payment prior to any material being removed from your facility via bank transfer, corporate check, cash, or cashier’s check. 

How do I receive payment on my surplus fittings, pipes and valves?

We will finalize payment and funds will be cleared prior to our scheduled start date for removal.  We will use the payment method that is most convenient for you, be it bank transfer, corporate check, cash, or cashier’s check.

What do you do with the surplus pipe, valve, fittings & flanges you purchase?

B-S Company, Inc. is a pipe, valve, fitting, and flange master distributor.  All materials we purchase are brought back to our Salt Lake City, UT area facilities where the material is meticulously cleaned, inventoried, and dispersed to our distribution centers and resold or redeployed around the country.  

Can you facilitate the SAFE removal of materials from our facility?

Typically, B-S Company handles the safe removal of the material we purchase.  This includes, labor, packaging, equipment, logistics, and clean-up of your facility.  We always offer a $5M umbrella policy to any facility in which we will be performing work.

Do you also buy used pipe?

Yes. We buy carbon steel, stainless steel and HDPE pipe in all sizes. In addition, we also buy certain used valves including ball, gate, globe, check, plug, and butterfly types, in various sizes. We are interested in all sorts of new valves, fittings, and flanges in carbon and stainless steel, as well as control valves and actuators. 

What else do you do besides buying all kinds of valves?

At B-S Company, we pride ourselves on being one of the largest new and surplus pipe, valve, and fitting distributors in the United States. We buy and sell new and used surplus pipe, valve, fitting, & flanges nationwide, as well as internationally. 

Are you adequately insured in the instance there is an unforeseen accident on our site?

Absolutely! B-S Company has been safely removing pipe, valve, and fitting materials across the country since 1991 and have yet to have an incident on a customer’s site.  We have an impeccable insurance rating and we offer a certificate of insurance with a $5M umbrella to every site in which we perform work.

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