If you operate a water, oil, gas, mining, utility, or industrial operation and are looking to sell your excess pipe, valve, fitting, & flange inventory, your most important step is to find a good, reputable buyer, with a demonstrated track record in the industry. If you do not choose a reputable buyer you could be leaving a lot of money on the table or getting cheated altogether. While finding the right buyer can be a time-consuming process, it is essential that you do your own due diligence to get maximum value from your surplus materials. Follow this advice to find the right buyer.

Eight questions to ask your surplus buyer

When you start looking around for a good buyer for your surplus pipe, valve, fitting, and flange inventory, ask the candidates the following eight questions to determine if you will get the most from your sale.

  • Are you a stocking distributor or a broker? It’s in your best interest to choose a stocking distributor rather than a broker because they will typically pay more as their business needs the inventory. Staff of distributors are industry experts who know exactly what they are dealing with when they look at your surplus pipe and fittings, and will offer a fair, market-based price. A distributor will also operate efficient logistics and storage infrastructure, which will make it hassle-free for your materials to be removed from your site.
  • How long have you been in business? As in most other industries, it is always best to deal with a company that has been in business for a decent length of  time and has a proven track record, and maintains a strong reputation.
  • Will you remove the materials from my site? A well-established buyer can offer a completely hands-off removal process. Removing your pipe, valve, fitting, & flange inventory using their own labor, equipment, logistics, and other resources.  Also, always make sure your buyer can provide a certificate of insurance if they are operating on your site (industry standard is $5M umbrella)
  • How much experience do your buyers and sales staff have? You want to be sure that you will be dealing with individuals who are experienced, courteous, professional, and knowledgeable.  
  • Will you clean up my site when you are finished? This is the mark of an excellent buyer. You should be left with a clean and tidy area, no leftovers, no trash.  Be sure that your buyer can offer to leave your site clean & ready for the next project.
  • Do you have a website? These days, most any serious buyer will have a legitimate website.  Put in some effort to explore their website to make sure they buy and sell the type of material you are selling.
  • How will you pay for my material? If your company has been in business for some time, or has name recognition, your buyer will have no problem paying for materials upfront prior to a scheduled removal date.  ***Always take caution when someone wants to remove material prior to payment**
  • Do you have strict limits and requirements on the quantities you buy? Your buyer should be in the business of buying!  Buyers should be able to provide you with an idea of their interest without needing much time.  

Sale of surplus: flanges, pipes, valves and fittings Utah – the ideal answers

BS Company has been a pipe, valve, fitting, and flange master distributor since 1991. We can answer all of the above questions to your satisfaction, and you will quickly realize why we are the best surplus PVFF buyers to work with. Here are some key facts about us.

B-S Company:

  • Our company was established in 1991. We provide experience, excellent service, demonstrated safety record, and extremely competitive prices for your material.
  • We are a pipe, valve, fitting and flange distributor.  Our facilities include 30 acres of outdoor storage and 100,000 sq/ft of warehouse.
  • We offers a hands-off removal process.  We will provide the labor, equipment, and logistics, to safely and efficiently remove all purchased items.
  • We buy materials in any quantity, from single pieces to multiple truckloads.
  • Our crews are experienced at removing material in a timely manner and cleaning up our mess and always leaving your site in better condition than when we arrived. 
  • You can be sure we will be safe, courteous, and efficient. Our history doesn’t lie, and neither do our insurance ratings.
  • Will always provide a $5M umbrella certificate of insurance for the sites we perform work.
  • Will pay for your materials prior to any removal.
  • We buy surplus:
  • Pipes – Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, HDPE, All Sizes (New, Used, Structural)
  • Valves – Ball, Gate, Globe, Knife Gates, Butterfly, All Sizes Carbon and Stainless Steel (New, Used)
  • Fittings & flanges – All Sizes Carbon & Stainless Steel (New Only)
  • Control Valves – Fisher (New & Used)
  • Actuators – Bettis, EIM, Limiterques, and Reterk

About BS Company

BS Company opened its doors in 1991 at a small 8,000 sq/ft location, “The Office” in Magna, UT. We’re grateful for the growth we’ve seen over the years and now operate three branches and one manufacturing facility. Our inventory consists of:

  • 6,000 + tons of pipe ON THE GROUND! (300 semi truck loads)
  • 1,500 + tons of fittings & flanges ON THE GROUND! (75 semi truck loads)
  • 10,000 + valves ON THE GROUND

Our pipe and fitting inventory is held at our “Pipe Yard” in Toole, Utah. The “Pipe Yard” boasts much more than its name. There are 30 acres of carbon steel pipe, HDPE pipe, and large OD carbon steel fittings and flanges on the ground at this location. A new 10,000 sq.ft. warehouse stocked with large OD valves was added in 2014. We have pipe sizes up to 108”, fittings & flanges up to 48”, valves up to 36”, and stainless steel fittings & flanges, studs & nuts, and more on this site. 

We buy all kinds of surplus flanges, pipes, valves and fittings from companies and individuals west of the Mississippi. We are a stocking distributor, not a middleman, which means you get the best price for your material. Contact us for more information.